Here goes nothing.

We all change when you think about it.

We are all different people all through our lives.

And that’s okay. That’s good. You’ve got to keep moving.

So long as you remember all the people you used to be.

Doctor Who

Don’t forget you’re alive.

Joe Strummer

Welcome to my mid-life crisis.

It’s not manifesting itself in the form of a coupe sports car or a hankering for a change of job, although I can’t say I wouldn’t like one or both of those. Nope. I’ve decided to write down, in an online blog, some of what I think about, which rarely makes it out of my head and also capture my writing exploits to date.
If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you will likely have seen if not read some of my ventures into rhyming words, the odd elongated gig review or my occasional published thoughts on the world. Some of those musings will be regurgitated here but I’ll be trying out some new stuff too.(Strangely, What are you going to do with your life? by Echo & The Bunnymen just got played by Radcliffe & Maconie’s BBC Radio 6 show as I was writing those words.)

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the lack of time we have to do anything. This world we live in has become so full of things to do that we’ve filled the space between most things with other things. This blog will hopefully introduce you to the things I like and in time it might even become my thing.

So it’s over the wall and into the land on the other side for me. I hope to see you around.




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