Tugging on heartstrings

Here’s a guy who writes epic fantasy when not doing his day job.

David Gilchrist

The other day I got a message on my facebook author page, and the conversation that followed went like this:
Sam: “So I’m having a relaxing evening, vodka in one hand, kindle in the other. Get to the end of chapter 22 [of Pyrite] and, I’m not going to put up any spoilers… so let’s just say you are not my favourite person just now Mr Gilchrist! 😡  “

Me: “Did you cry? Or are you more an axe murder kinda girl?

Sam: “I cried, then got enraged, the axe murderer in me may make an appearance! Sx”

Me: “I would say sorry, but that was pretty much my objective when I wrote that chapter (not the axe murder bit). If it’s any conciliation it was actually quite difficult to write.”

Sam: “NO IT IS NOT! Sx”

And, I must admit it made me smile.  Not the axe murder bit. …

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