The Story So Far In Seven Songs

17 years ago this very night I carried my new wife over the threshold of our flat.

Here are 7 songs which mark important stages of our relationship.

Crystal Ships – The Doors

This is the song which was being played when we first became a couple. We were at The Venue in Edinburgh to see The Australian Doors. One of many times we saw them together, but this time and this song was the first I  felt comfortable with my hands on her hips, swaying to the sound of what would become known as our “getting together” song.

Renaissance – M-People


Our flat on West Main Street saw more than it’s fair share of pre-night out and after hours parties. Although we had no shortage of music to play, M-People’s Elegant Slumming would always make at least one outing per party. Renaissance with it’s opening refrain “I’m coming home, I’m coming home to your house.” sticks in my mind.

The Secret Wedding – Braveheart 

This was the last music we heard before we tied the knot. It played as Lorna walked down the Aisle with her dad. I felt emotional then and it still makes me well up if I’m at all honest.

You Do Something To Me – Paul Weller

Yip. You guessed it. Our first dance song. I’ll not mention that all the way through that song and our first dance, Lorna did not look me in the eye once. She danced looking out into the assembled friends and family. Oops!

Space Oddity – David Bowie

This song was playing as Logan was brought into the world. As Lorna lay on the Hospital Theatre operating table, she asked “What does he look like?” Now I’m nothing if not honest, so I replied, “Have you seen the Sprite advert?”

The Final Countdown – Europe

The only truly drug related song on show here. After giving birth to Fearne, Lorna asked what music was playing when she was born? “I’m sure I could hear The Final Countdown.” she said. I think there must have been some Acid in the Pethadine.

One Love – The Stone Roses

A song which makes me realise how lucky we are every time I hear it.

It doesn’t mark any particular time in our relationship, but one line from the song has become my mantra when I think about our relationship. “One Love, One Heart and One Soul”

Love you Lornakins X



DACCAD 17/06/16


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