21st T -A Farewell to Balado

For those reminiscing on this 2nd Strathallan T Saturday.

It’s been a long time

 20 years to be exact

 Since they set up the stages

 On the blaze at Strathy Park

With the camping located

 Right next to the Loch

 A few thousand sun-crazed campers

 Across a bridge did walk

And into the arena

 With a whoop and a holler

 Where Oasis and Blur

 They did eagerly discover

So here we are at the 21st T In The Park

 Early Friday morning we’ll be up with the larks

 And after queuing as long as it takes to get in

 We will pass through gate where they’ll check all our things

For glass, drugs and weapons

 All illegal of course

 We all feel put upon

 But it’s the job of the force

And dragging the necessities

 For a truly wild weekend

 JD +Coke

 And the odd drunken friend

We’ll pitch our accommodation

 In a circle of tents

 Spark open a can

 We are here ladies and gents

There will be singing and dancing

 Laughter and fun

 We’ll sit back in our camping chairs

 And bask in the sun

Then down to the arena

 To see who? That’s your choice

 The line up’s all here

 Make the most of it girls and boys

And at the end of the weekend

 With a tear in your eye

 When your spent, dry and sun burned

 Think of the years we’ve seen fly

Think of all of the bands

 The friends that we’ve made

 The shivering wet nights

 The sun drenched days seeking shade

Think of all of the laughter

 And tears born from joy

 Of the experiences, so many

 Shaping us from young girls and boys

And when we leave the arena

 On Monday for most

 Realise TITP is more than a memory

 Much more than a ghost

It gets into your bloodstream

 Soaks into your being

 Becomes part of your makeup

 It’s those changes you’re feeling

Remember that T

 Is not just about bands

 It’s about mucking in, kicking back

 And as one, raising hands

High into the air

 A sky full of sounds

 Helping someone up

 When they’ve gone down

And also remember that

 At the end of the day

 It’s not just TITP

 That’s shaped US in this way

Each of us in turn

 Have made this festival great

 We’ve built it’s reputation

 As we’ve walked through the gate

The reputation that T

 Means something to all

 For being a full scale party

 And a fancy dress ball

This may be the last time

 We grace this airfield

 So enjoy the emotions

 Capture everything you feel

For the 21st time

 Let’s show everyone watching

 We don’t need Metallica

 To get the place fucking rocking.



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