Blueprint Blue at Tim Peaks (Electric Fields)


The Red, The Blue and the Coffee

The red tent housing Tim Peaks Stage at Electric Fields is not where you would expect to find a coffee shop but you do and much more. This is the first time Tim Burgess aided and abetted by Nick Fraser has brought his pop up coffee shop come festival stage north of the border and it was always my intention this weekend to try and catch some of the acts in here. Inside a collection of leather couches, kitchen table style chairs and a few deck chairs with the Charlatan Album Titles Re-imagined as book covers, a-la Marcus Reynal Hyslop, seat covers, provide respite from the warm sunshine being dealt out in abundance in the open arena. (Note to self: Must inquire about the availability of these deck chairs.)

When our full family arrive en masse (x4), Blueprint Blue are confidently in full flow. Front man Elliot Hayward explains that this is the first time they have performed outside London, before taking the lead from the swooshing snare drum sound provided by drummer Melissa Rigby and joining bass guitarist Huw Webb in another melodic journey into their sonic world. From my vantage point at the back of the tent they seem musically mature for their years, with a sound that has it’s roots in another age, it’s of no surprise to hear that their their influences include, The Grateful Dead, Neil Young and Jackson Browne. I find myself wondering if they have bitten off more than they can chew in trying to bring this retro sound to the modern public, but I’m quickly convinced that they have enough talent and confidence to give it a good try. We stay for 4 songs and see the end of their set when the assembled audience warmly clap and holler their approval. Definitely worth another listen so get over here or here.


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