Memories of gigs gone by.

​Witnessing failed stage diving through Crystal Ships

Partaking in front of stage crushes to Up To Our Hips 

Missing whole performances from   The Stereo MCs    

Wow these New Yorkers are magic, who gave you these?

Sleeping in the bleachers listening to Black Grape

Throwing sweat loaded clothing at everyone’s favourite ape

Imagining yourself Up On The Catwalk too.

Claiming mod status watching most of The Who.

Driving through the night having watched the Stone Roses perform.

Na na na na -ing in a tent till early morn.

Listening to jokes from a quiet stage that’s the Hipsway

Staggering through a forest to watch Oasis play

King Tuts, Broadcast,The Venue and the Forum

Open fields, The Usher Hall and of course The Barrowlands  Ballroom  

Memories of nights spent deliriously engaged

Gonna get me some more memories despite of my age.

And when an idea comes along

Brandishing a bomb and a gun

Turn your back, give them the horns

And remember the songs we have sung  


Coming along for the ride?


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