Blind Picks and Coffee Creams

Life’s a bag of Revels

And I’m looking for the orange one

 from “Polar Bear” by The Charlatans

A year ago yesterday I launched “ORANGEREVELS” with the words Here goes nothing.and published my first blog post, Vladimir @ Sneaky Pete’s, a simple gig review. Well, when I say simple it is 1370 words long, which I was told was too long for a blog. It covered my journey from stumbling upon the Dundee four piece supporting  Kilsyth’s very own, The Twilight Sad at the ABC Glasgow, through to seeing them play a show-stealing support role to Autobahn at Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s. On the way I may have introduced some ramblings about the American Superbowl and the former Soviet Union.

Since then this blog has seen published a further 19 collections of words, all of which have their roots in my love of music both recorded and live.

Reading back over them I can honestly say I’m proud of each one. This last year’s collection of “blogs” cover:

Looking back over this last year’s contribution to my legacy on this planet and how this page got it’s name, I am reminded of how my dad used to have a rule that when a box of chocolates were being passed around, you had to make a blind pick from the box. No one was allowed to select their favourite because invariably this would result in five Coffee Creams being left over at the end. In a coincidence, in my early twenties, when sitting late into one night or early morning at an after club party, a good friend mentioned that he believed there were a huge pile of Coffee Creams sitting waiting for the Bathville Rocky’s to eat.

These days, whenever I dip into a bag of Revels, I secretly hope for the Coffee Cream as it brings back the memory of both of these characters, sadly missed but fondly remembered. The blogs in this post, may not be everyone’s idea of an Orange Revel, but if you were brought up in Bathville like me, you learn to like the Coffee Creams.

Blind pick anyone?

(Go on. Click on the embedded links. What’s the worst that could happen?)

NOTE: The page has been visited 1687 times and the posts have been viewed 2356 times by visitors from 4 of the five continents (penguins don’t have time to read apparently), in a total of 38 recognised countries. Not too shabby for a Bathville Rocky.

DACCAD (10/03/17)


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