Auld Reekie. An inspiration.


Had a day out in Auld Reekie
A scoop with old friends.
We talked about everything
Of how a circle never ends

We drank to good health
And discussed conspiracy theories
Of how money wasn’t wealth
And how Breaking Bad was a great series

We ate some good pasta
And drank ale from old jugs
We sat looking at OUR castle
And listened with our lugs

To the hustle and bustle
Of a town full of life
Down in the Grassmarket
An afternoon spent without strife

As I walked to the train station
With a heart full of joy
I passed a poor beggar
No more than a boy

And I tipped him some pennies
In his upturned hat
“God bless you friend”
Was what I got for that.

I’ll wake up tomorrow
With a drooth and sore head
But I’ll thank that boy’s god
That I’m home in my bed.

Night night folks.


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