Who Are ……. They Two Lassies? – an EP review

The simple answer to the question posed in the title of the latest offering from the West Lothian based musical stable Les Frites Petites is, the musical duo, Gemma Pepper and Pamela Hilditch.

But no one is going to get full marks for stating the basic facts.
Who Are ……. They Two Lassies? – EP Review

The three track EP offers up songs of 80’s folk, pop and country influenced tunes with a lyrical message of hope and fun.

Produced at Overlook Studios, the home of Robin Crosbie (Adullboy), his first venture into the world of production, the tracks reflect a positivity that good times can bring into your life.

In opener, “Alive”, a pop driven sound with vocals reminiscent of The Beautiful South’s female contributions, They Two Lassies reflect on the problems presented by the human condition, where over-thinking your worth on this globe and our reason for being, can see you boiling it all down to having “no purpose, except to kill time”. But then along comes a “sound that’s more than music” in the form of a new love interest, transforming the monotony to positivity. There’s a message in here about mindfulness too, an observation that “living in the moment” helps to get the singer’s “head out of the clouds”, makes her “feel alive”.

Second track, “Angry Fiddler’s Smile” takes a turn towards country for it’s roots in both it’s sound and pace. Here we find our vocalist in, what could be interpreted as a late night, graveside conversation with a recently passed parent or partner. Reflecting on the times spent together and struggling to communicate the feelings of gratitude for the guidance and direction that have resulted from that time in each other’s company, a promise to continue on the path they started together is bolstered by the happy memory of seeing the “Angry Fiddler’s Smile”, a reference, I presume, to Skerryvore’s Craig Espie, the Angry Fiddler. The fiddle music then kicks in and a happy melancholy carries the song and the listener to it’s conclusion.

Closer, “Nonsense” sees a more stream of consciousness approach rather than the story telling writing style of the previous tracks. This is my favourite and echoes the sound of Falkirk based ensemble, The White Vinyl Collective. Electric guitars create an energy that carries the vocals on a wave of happy vibrations, whilst images of “Rainbows and Unicorns” as well as a carefree message of “just be who you are” and “try not to care too much anyway”, help wash away the ethereal dirt and grime of this modern life. Make sure you listen to the end. It’ll make you smile.

Who Are ……. They Two Lassies? : The antidote to the world we live in and a shot of positivity.
Available on Bandcamp at theytwolassies.bandcamp.com

Pop over and enjoy the rest of your day.


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