A Long And Strange Trip

  The Amazing Snakeheads Way back in the dark distant past of 2014, whilst attending The Wickerman Festival, I stumbled on Dale Barclay’s Amazing Snakeheads playing to a packed Solus Tent. With a guitar strapped over his shoulder, stripped to the waist and slugging from a Buckfast bottle which was being passed around the stage, … More A Long And Strange Trip


It was a wet, late winter night in Whitburn, West Lothian back in 1990 and I was 19yrs old when it happened. I had been out on the town with friends and at chucking out time we headed back to an empty.  Musically I was getting over my early teenage obsession with all things Simple Minds. … More SHORES TEST ONE

Tugging on heartstrings

Originally posted on David Gilchrist:
The other day I got a message on my facebook author page, and the conversation that followed went like this: Sam: “So I’m having a relaxing evening, vodka in one hand, kindle in the other. Get to the end of chapter 22 [of Pyrite] and, I’m not going to put up any…